Colleen Frances Lazoruk

Vocalist | Saxophonist

  • When I Sing3:09
  • I Just Called To Say I Love You4:31
  • One Day At A Time4:23
  • Summertime3:44
  • The Rose4:15

Expressions of the Heart 

The 25th Anniversary Album

“Christmas with Colleen” was produced in 2011 as a follow up fundraiser album. It features John Mackey, oncologist and saxophonist from the Cross Cancer Institute, Ragnar Ingibergsson, social worker, vocalist and musician from South West Home Care, as well as Colleen’s sister Shari Lazoruk, vocalist and awareness consultant. 

A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Rehab Medicine Department of the Cross Cancer Institute Speech Pathology. Thanks to the sales, a $5,000 Ambulatory Phonation Monitor, a piece of equipment that assists patients to enhance their ability to speak, was purchased in December 2012.
“When I Sing” is Colleen’s first solo album, and was released in 1995. As a fundraiser for the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Colleen volunteered her time and expertise to produce and market this CD of positive music for cancer patients and their families. 

All the proceeds from this project were donated directly to the Patient Needs Fund for Cancer Patients in Alberta. Today, a part of the proceeds are still going to the Cross Cancer Institute.

  • Love Like A Child3:54
  • Touch A Hand, Make A Friend4:16
  • Just A Closer Walk With Three3:44

  • Happy Xmas (War is Over)4:08
  • Mary Did You Know3:26
  • Driving Home For Christmas4:06
  • Jingle Bell Rock3:22

Christmas With Colleen

The original album was recorded in 1987, with songs written by artists from Northern Alberta. It’s the first album of The Lazoruk Sisters Duo, a duo formed by Colleen and her sister Shari in 1985. Twenty-five years later, the reel-to-reel tapes are found in the garage, restored and transferred to digital thanks to the hard work Dan Sinasac, Jerry and Dawn Woolsey.


In order to restore the album, the original tapes had to be baked in an oven at 130 degrees for 8 hour each, and then left to cool in the oven for the same amount of time. This process took a total of 56 hours. All involved in the restoration of the Lazoruk Sisters’ 25th Anniversary Album agree that all ingredients that allowed this collection of songs to be reborn definitely included Divine Intervention!


When I Sing